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High-tech feeders from Kubota Brabender Technologie

Our broad range of products includes gravimetric and volumetric feeders. We offer various weighing solutions that ensure reliable and accurate feeding of bulk materials. In addition to continuous feeding we offer gain-in-weight batching with our volumetric feeders and loss-in-weight batching with our gravimetric feeders.


Our reliable and accurate gravimetric feeders are ideal for use with a wide range of bulk materials. We manufacture loss-in-weight, weigh belt and volumetric feeders featuring a full range of feed mechanisms and agitation systems including FlexWall technology, hard-sided agitated feeders, single and twin screws, vibratory, fiber feeders, low rate pellet feeders and more. We also offer easy-to-clean solutions allowing for quick product changeovers. All our gravimetric feeders are supplied with state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controls with easy-to-use operator interfaces.

high feed capacity 100 - over 10,000 dm³/h
average feed capacity 50 - 5000 dm³/h
low feed capacity 1 - 1000 dm³/h


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