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Kubota Brabender Technologie is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of gravimetric and volumetric feed and discharge devices. Our feeding, weighing and discharging equipment is installed globally throughout a diverse group of industries for batch and continuous processes.


Granulat – frei fließend

Pellets – free-flowing


Optischer Aufheller - hygroskopisch

Optical Brightener – hygroscopic


Folienschnipsel – verschachtelnd

Film Regrind – interlocking


Sand – abrasiv

Sand – abrasive


Rosinen – anhaftend

Raisins – sticky


Mehl – rieselfähig

Flour – cohesive


Flüssigkeiten – viskos

Liquids – viscous


Lange Fasern – verhakend

Long Fibers – interlocking

Nüsse – bruchempfindlich

Nuts ­– fragile


Polyurethane – temperatursensibel

Polyurethanes – temperature-sensitive


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