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Customer satisfaction is very important to Kubota Brabender Technologie. Not only do we provide support pre-sale, we extend the support to after delivery and through the full lifespan of the equipment.
Whether commissioning, maintenance or repair – we are there for you.





On-site Service

Our qualified service technicians are available for commissioning, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. After installation we are able to provide start-up assistance and train your employees in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

When repairs or maintenance are required, our technicians are available to quickly perform all necessary tasks to minimize downtime. In the event that there is an ingredient change, we are able to assist you in optimizing the feeding process as required.


When performing maintenance, our highly trained technicians will verify all settings, update all software, back-up all data, and ensure correct operation of the equipment during the appointment. In addition, we can offer test reports for your ISO audit requirements.


We offer a repair service if a component of your feeder is not working. Simply notify us and we will work with you to have it returned, repaired and quickly sent back to you. We also offer an exchange program on applicable items allowing for an immediate replacement.

Contact us: spareparts@remove-this.kubota-bt.com


Electronic devices and components are constantly subject to technology changes. Although our controls have a long lifespan, upgrading is necessary to keep up with modern technology. Often a change in your production process is another reason to consider a retrofit.

Spare Parts

Although our equipment is very reliable, occasionally wear and spare parts will be required. When this happens our highly trained spare parts team can provide you with a detailed quotation and delivery time specific to your equipment. From our extensive global inventories, parts are often immediately available from stock. We highly recommend that Brabender original parts are used to ensure the best performance of your device. 

Contact us: spareparts@remove-this.kubota-bt.com

Service hotline

All fifteen Kubota Brabender offices and service partners offer telephone support. If you urgently need help or a spare part, please call us. We guarantee to help you.

Contact us via email hotline@remove-this.kubota-bt.com or by phone at +49 203 9984-299.

More service hotlines can be found here.

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Our service: Commissioning, maintenance and repair


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